”Juan Peregrino doesn´t save the world” by Diana Martin and Rafael Villegas in Bellas Artes this October 3rd

“Juan Peregrino was chosen to prevent the destruction of his natal city. Now, many years later, he lives in the Wrong City, place of wonders and rarities, of bermillion monkeys, artists of the wire, insatiable loves and a most high tower that hides the secret that could save the world. Ilustrated stories or narrated illustrations in which the adventures of Juan Peregrino and his passing through the Wrong City are told”.

In Mexico City, the presentation will take place in the Adamo Boari hall of the Palacio de Bellas Artes. Alberto Chimal and Gabriela Damián will present. The appointment is on October 3rd at 7:00 pm. There we will be waiting for you so you can meet this Juan Peregrino fellow, Mab and Cordelia, Alberto Mostro, Eleazar o´Otho, Mrs. and Mr. Gourmet and other rarities that appear on this book.

Important: The sale of  “Juan Peregrino no salva al mundo” will be done only in the presentations since it´s a limited and serialized edition. I recommend to you strongly to be there to get your copy.

See you there!

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