A bird sings on the fourth floor

Who did you Bring

Lavinia knocks on Klodia´s door, she opens wearing Lavinia´s sandals. Klodia doesn´t realize her visitor´s facial expression, but focuses on the presence of the other woman lurking at the end of Lavinia´s dress. She knows it was her who caused her accident. It is the first time that someone who doesn´t need an Emotiontomy comes to her. And it is also the first time Lavinia visits a ghost-free house. Graphite on canvas.

Side Effects of the Ugly Soup

After having some sips of the Ugly Soup, Lavinia lets herself fall on Klodia´s couch, feeling totally strange. The world has become a blurred canvas, she feels someone yanking the back of her dress, like she is trying to be dragged somewhere. Etching and touche.

Farewell on Master Numbers Road

Lavinia and Klodia bid farewell, both have gotten rid of a heavy burden, obtained new shoes and made a friend. Graphite on canvas.

Fourth Floor Please

Lavinia takes the elevator in Klodia´s building. The fat lift attendant knows she is headed for the fourth floor. Lavinia looks like she needs an Emotiontomy, but all she wants is her sandals back. Graphite and silverpoint on canvas.


Lavinia and Klodia see each other frecuently to continue what they began when for a short moment each one walked a little in each other´s shoes. Watercolor and ink on paper.

Secret Cartography

Lavinia reads Klodia´s palm, thinking she had never seen a hand like this. Klodia´s guilt for accidentally having killed a patient is deeply graven in her flesh, forming a deep line that seems to cut her hand in two. Lavinia runs a finger through the line, encouraging Klodia to talk about it. Klodia empties her heart to Lavinia. Nobody had ever done such a thing for her. Graphite and silverpoint on canvas.

A Bird Sings on the Fourth Floor

Lavinia follows Klodia´s trace until she finds her building, strangely bent forming an arc, like a hunched old man. She knows this is the place because she can spot the woman in her balcony, trying her stolen sandals on. Ink and watercolor on paper.


The Kidnapping of The Strappy Sandals

Klodia sneaks silently into Lavinia´s place, wondering what became of the rooftop singer she loves so much. In the moonnlit rooms she sees a pair of placid-looking strappy sandals. Her own feet hurt impossibly imprisioned inside her high stilettos, without thinking, she takes the sandals leaving there her crippling footwear. Graphite and silverpoint on canvas.


Lavinia used to sing inside an old theater, until she realized her audience was made entirely of ghosts. Now she tries to transform the rooftops into her stage. And from there she bewitches an unseen public with her haunting voice. Until she falls off, sprains her foot and meets Klodia.  Etching.

The Doll Inside the Pocket or a Little Bird Told Me

Lavinia, a woman who used to be a ghost, likes to feel people now that she feels with her own skin. She has learned the ways of palm-reading, and she offers her services sometimes. She sits listening entirely with her intuition, completely unaware that she is growing other woman inside her psyche. Graphite and silverpoint on canvas.

The One with the Broken Foot and Soul

Lavinia slipped and fell while she was singing on the rooftops. Now all she has to do is kill time while smoking her pipe. Graphite on paper.


Klodia is a rather unusual psychologist. What she performs is called Emotiontomy. Which means she can extract feelings using complex surgical techniques. He knows the human hearth thoroughtly. Her tragedy i that she can´t use her art to heal herself. Etching.

Thickening the Ugly Soup

Klodia sees inmediatly the other woman growing in Lavinia. She must, someway get Lavinia to acknowledge this other part of herself so she knows her nature and can confront her. She proposes to Lavinia that they should make a soup. A soup thay will expand her awareness. Lavinia doesn´t know about the effects of the soup, she is just plain hungry. But the broth boils and look unapealling. She decides she will trust her new friend. Graphite and silverpoint on canvas.

It Was You

Lavinia finally looks at the other woman. The other woman who caused her to slip off the rooftop. She recognizes in her her own fears, her complexes, her shadow. Klodia sees understanding in Lavinia´s eyes, then she wields her knife and separates them. Graphite and silverpoint on canvas.