Siax Lanke

Dreams of Outside

Siax dreams about a plan to get out: he´ll cry buckets of tears so that his dragon won´t go thristy. Graphite on paper.


Siax discovers his house attic, where doors and windows don´t stop beating against its hinges. Like his own thoughts. Graphite on paper.

Tears and Salt

Siax wants to venture out for once, but the what would his dragon drink? He lives solely from his tears. Graphite on paper.


Who keeps Siax locked inside his house? Even the windows are sealed shut. Graphite on paper.

Please, let it be wrong number

Siax dares sometimes to pick up the phone. But finding out who is on the other side of the line is simply a daunting task for him. Graphite on paper.

The Loneliest Sound

Siax hates it when his phone rings. He´d want to cut the cable for good, but he never dares. Charcoal on paper.

Wrong Side of Town

A view of The Wrong Side of Town. Where Siax and everybody lives. Monotype.


Siax always dresses the same. Graphite on paper.

Siax on the window

Siax never leaves home. He is a hermit that lives in the company of a tiny white tear-drinking dragon. Ink on paper.