Selma Lunula


Selma tries to capture a person with no umbrella using a fish. She wants to talk with one of them. Etching.

From above

Selma walks the streets of the city. Towards the bridge.

Their tears no longer fall upon me

Selma became something extremelly unusual: rain didn´t fell upon her, making her the first person of the city who no longer needed an umbrella.Graphite on paper.

The Umbrella Mender and her bizarre Vehicle

Selma goes to the streets, looking for the people with no umbrellas. She finds them: youngsters, adults, children, elderly. All of them get an umbrella, a shelter from the cold rain. Graphite on paper.


Selma takes with her all the broken umbrellas than fit inside her fabulous bag. They are a lot. And back home, it takes seven days for her to mend them and leave them looking as good as new. Aquatint.

The Umbrella Dumpster

The fish storm out of the room, towards the streets. Selma follows with her bag under her arm. They lead her to the legendary Umbrella Dumpster. There Selma has an idea. Etching.

The Dying Fish

Selma is awoken by the sound of tens of fins thumping on her floor, dying fish, choking for air, damp, desperate. They are like the boy with no umbrella. Graphite on paper.


Selma can´t stop thinking: How many of this people without umbrellas are there in the city? Etching.

Gift from the Depths

The boy follows Selma to her home and deposits a gift on her feet: a broken umbrella. Watercolor and ink on paper.

Unusual compassion on the stone bridge

One day, a boy with not umbrella comes to Selma´s stall. A person with no umbrella, on a city like this, where it is always raining, it´s worse than be naked, you never cease to be wet. Selma´s soul breaks and she tries to cover the boy with her umbrella. Graphite on paper.

River of deafening metal

The bridge Selma works upon is one that is jammed with traffic, both human and vehicled. Ink on paper.

Selma Lunula

Selma is a chubby woman with a heart of gold. She sells candy and knickknacks on top of a pedestrian bridge. She has a bag that can fit almost anything. Etching.