Saskia on the subway

At the crossing

There are three women at the crossing: they look like symbols of three stages of a woman´s life. Saskia is in the middle and wonders which one of them she would like to resemble less.

Back to her world

Saskia is send back to her world on top of a chimera and escorted by several inhabitants of the underworld. Now she knows the law. Maybe she´ll come back someday.

King of the Underworld

Saskia is taken to an audience with the sovereign of the world-under-the-world. Her octopus lawyer speaks in her behalf, pleading for her on the basis of her short age and ignorance of the law. Saskia is terrified. In the end, humbled, she bows her head  and apologizes.

The mistake

Saskia comits a very serious offense in the underworld: she sits on one of its honorable inhabitants. Her absentmindedness has brought her a huge problem.

In the depths of The Wrong Side

Saskia waits for the train with her faithful butterfly on her hand. The thrill of the new adventure won´t let her see that she is in danger.

The Station

Saskia goes out and believes it must not be that hard to find her way on the subway. It doesn´t strike her as weird that a huge fish slides out from the depths of the tunnel.

Where to

Saskia looks at a map of the subway underworld. She notices that its lines connect everything. She could travel underneath the Great Sea towards lands unknown to everyone. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.

The shattered spirit

Saskia´s loyal friend, the blue butterfly, is crushed in the Underworld. Saskia mourns it, not realizing something threatens her. Watercolor and graphite on paper.


Saskia cuddles next to the monster. Its skin is slippery and cold, but the light is so warm she doesn´t care. Watercolor and graphite on paper.

Dangers of the False Light

Saskia, submerged in the darkness of the abyssal metro, sees a light from afar. Hopeful she runs towards it, unaware that its owner wants to devour her. Watercolor and graphite on paper.

The providential appearance of the Octopus Lawyer

Saskia is hopelessly lost, she has offended the inhabitants of the Underworld. Fortunately, an octopus lawyer will defend her before the King of the Down Below World. Watercolor and graphite on paper.