Gourmet Portraits


Mr. Gourmet prefers traditional toothpicks to clean his teeth after a banquet. And when he takes away the food between his teeth he tastes it again, saving the flavors inside his thick skull. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

What Does it Tasted Like?

Always looking for new flavors, the Gourmets try everything. She has an exquisite palate, she detects the slightests changes in the savory substance of every food her taste buds touch. She could miss any of her senses except for the one she holds dearest inside her mouth. He grows drousy trying to listen to her flavor experiences. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

Portrait of Two Gourmets

The insatiable ones from Needle Alley, portrayed in a day they could have eaten a horse. Literally. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

Fat and Succulent Love

She is not aware that she wants to swallow him, take him inside her flesh, make him hers, and that he lives from her blood. One. The little dog is all of us who witness the scene. He can´t take her, his cravings will never match hers. Graphite on canvas.

Bad News

It would be wise for Mr. Gourmet to listen to his wife. Her messages come and he is helpless getting them. She is boiling with untold secrets that he doesn´t suspect. The phone lies disconected. The humming bird sighs, bored. The nail polish on his toenails is too much. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

The Discordant Pea

When supplies run out, things get ugly. The spouses begin to wonder about how The Other flesh probable tastes like. It would be by all means just another way of getting to know themselves better. And they don´t even like peas. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.


A getaway picnic to the country always soothes the Gourmet´s anxieties. After binging, the good wine numbs that never-satisfied hunger. The doll from the music box won´t stop dancing. The sun sets. Graphite on canvas.


They have been invited to a great party: a food and dance orgy. She can´t zip her dress. He has always loved to help. And fervently look how the black fabric embraces her formidable bottom. Graphite on canvas.


Mr. and Mrs. have eaten too much. They always peel off any meat from the bones. The little dog is witness. Nothing is left for her but the marrow. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

Piglet in the Oven

The oven is too small for the big piglet the lady wishes to cook. She will have to cut it and bake piece by piece. This distresses her. To shatter the pig goes against all her harmony ideals. Graphite on canvas.

Wedding by The Sea

She was brought by a whale, under a starry sky with a pale and waxing moon. He promised to make his all the strengh of her femininity. On the mirror-like sand he took her. Graphite on canvas.

Your Young Life is a Dessert

The Gourmet´s little grandaughter comes to have dinner. The girl is very picky and her grandma teaches her that nothing should be left on the plate, it has to be mirror-clean. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

The Belching Lady

This lady has a massive appetite. She seems satisfied with her binge and cleanses her teeth with someone´s long bone. Who has she eaten? Who did she crave to possess? She has integrated somebody else to her vast corporality, there he/she will live forever, inside her cells. But for now, all she can think of is to let go a good belch. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

What does it take?

Mrs. Gourmet has ran out of inspiration as to how to wake up her husband´s passion. She is like a caterpillar enveloped in a cocoon and her man wishes he could be of any use, but she knows better. She has become something overwhelming to her diminished partner. Graphite on canvas.

The Drowned Ones

Mr. Gourmet likes the company of  rather interesting men who find very amusing drowing themselves in many ways. The dead fishes could be a symbol of the state their lives are in, or it could be just a piece of uncut sashimi. Whatever. This man, unlike his wife, does have friends. Graphite on canvas.