Mirna de Ciglia and her secret endless dress


Mirna decided to let her creation hanging from the rooftops, she cut her dress up to her ankles and came down.The sky was a myriad of brilliant colored stripes that rippled with the breeze. He realized that she would remain silent for a while. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.

The Endless Speech

Mirna worked fervently. For entire weeks her coleagues quietly observed how her colored dress grew and grew everytime she added more and more fabric. And when she dyed the new pieces all the hues and shadows blended hypnotically. No one dared to speak a word to her. They remembered too well the ice cream episode. When Mirna finished and busily unravelled her creation on the city tops she never knew she was delivering their first rainbow in generations. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.

Tools of Speech

Mirna has no need of her tongue, with threads and needles she is more elocuent than many of the blathering inhabitants of The Wrong Side of Town. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.

That Nasty Little Habit

Mirna needs lots of fabric to take to reality an idea that has been fluttering in her mind since she saw something long forgotten flotating in the vapors of the Dyeing Room. Her fabric provider, a lecherous old man named Luis makes the terrible mistake of asking her why she wants it for. She sews his mouth shut, but this time she makes a good knot.Just to make sure he won´t be telling anybody she is up to something. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.

Mirna Macaria

Mirna is not, by any means, the most generous person you´ll ever know. She adores Mamme ice cream and never shares. Her coleagues look at her with envy, but nobody dares to say anything, until that new girl, Nyx, dares to confront her about her selfishness. Mirna sews her mouth shut inmediately, with blinding speed. But she leaves the theads loose, with no knot. And later, a sobbing Nyx pulls the thread off gently. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.

Mirna de Ciglia, never silent

It is not known if Mirna is really mute or if she has never felt the need to speak. Her counterparts consider her an enigma: cold, arrogant  and fiendishly gifted. He walks with her head high, long striding along the building, with a mere gesture of her long needles she gets her point across with starking austerity. Her sense of smell is so sharp she can distinguish each color particle´s odor, her is capable of knowing hues just with her touch, eyes closed. She loves her work. She was born to do it. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.

The Fabric-dyers District

North of The Wrong Side of Town is the Fabric-dyers district; this is a sisterhood which holds in their hands the sole fountain of bright colors in the whole city. They dye the clothing of its inhabitants, and also are wonderful seamstresses. The head of the guild is Mirna de Ciglia, a mute woman who is never silent. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.

Draft of the Secret Plan

Mirna plots her great plan in a piece of paper. She is certain people will listen. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.