Lux, the eyegiver

Lux, the eyegiver

One of the starving raging bitches, a little puppy, accepted the eyeballs Lux offered without eating them. She is now the eyegiver pet.Ink on paper.

The blind majority

The blind who is the source of eyeballs never wanted to see. Neither did the most of the naked turtles. There were eyes to spare is this part of the world where the majority are born eyeless.Ink on paper.

So that they want to see

Lux triggers desire on the blind by stripping bare and showing the eyeballs on her body as if it were a tray. Some succumb to the temptation of seeing and they fill their empty eye sockets.Ink on paper.


A naked turtle and a woman who took the eyeballs gather for some tea. Both agree that this sight thing is not for everyone.Graphite on paper.

Third wheel

Lux is very sad. Her project of bringing sight to her part of the world is not having the success she anticipated. She crawls on top of a naked turtle´s back without noticing that she won´t let her be intimate with her partner.Ink on paper.

Rejected sight

A good friend of Lux ponders the advantages and disadvantages of sight. After a long deliberation, she decides against. She won´t reveal her reasons, but guilt makes her promise Lux she will help her to make more eye-less want to see.Ink on paper.

The raging blind

Word has spread, it says that there is a woman walking around giving eyeballs away in a silver tray. There are those who covet the eyes not to see, but to have something to eat. Lux already smells like eyes, and in an irresistible manner to a pack of starving black bitches.Ink and graphite on paper.

New boyfriend

Lux finds someone who could be her ideal match, a man who does not live in his head but in between his heart and guts.Graphite on paper.

Returning father

A lady that took the eyeballs offered by Lux waits for her child´s father. Now that she can watch him come back, she realices he is a fiery red dragon.Watercolor and graphite on paper.

The undertakers

Lux delivers the eyeballs to the white shrouded undertakers. Being an extremely polite people, the accept them. But when Lux leaves, they do what they do best: bury them inside the damp earth. Fot some reason, vision is not something they are interested in.Ink on paper.


Lux takes more eyeballs from the insides of the wonderful blind. She then sets on a journey on top of a naked turtle to offer them to the eyeless that live across the sea.Graphite and ink on paper.

Her husbands´s eyes

A despaired Lux shows her friends, -though nearly none can actually see them- the eyes she once gave to her husband and that she took back. Lux tries not to grow bitter. She decides she will give away the eyeballs to someone to deserves them better.Graphite on paper.

The naked turtles plain

In this land where a very few are born with eyes there is a wide plain where the nakes turtles graze with no urgency. There was a time when they walked the world of people. They had their caparaces back then, but they lost them in a bad negotiation.Graphite on paper

The unfaithful one

One of the first things Lux does upon knowing that she has a source of eyeballs, is give a pair to her partner. Unfortunately for her, he loses his self-control and cheats on her on several times.Graphite on paper.

The sacred blind

Lux is yet another blind woman un a world where very few possess the gift of sight. One day she stumbles upon another blind creature, in its insides, eyes are being gestated. Avidly, she takes one pair. Ink on paper.