Lavinia Borromeo

Freeing Soul

Behind the mask, Lavinia realizes something: the theater is empty. Silence deafens her. She sees noone, the seats look battered, dusty, like nobody has seaten down there in years, the wooden floor creaks under her feet, the former ghost has been performing for the spirits that inhabit the theatre, and has felt happy. Lavinia, strangely, is not dissapointed, she knows that she can take off the mask, and the illusion will come back. A bird escapes from its cage, Lavinia´s bones remain solid. Watercolor and ink on paper.

In the Wings

Just before she takes the stage, Lavinia receives a gift from her agents: a mask like the ones they use. It´s beautiful, the singer of the fragmented spirit wears it and goes out to face the audience. Graphite on paper.

Tenants of the Long Mirror

Lavinia readies herself for another performance. Her agents and musicians are seen only inside the mirror. Lavinia doesn´t realize this. She can only think of the intoxicating sound of the audience, in the freedom she finds on stage. Graphite on paper.

Dogmatics on the Rooftop

The strange agents weave threads above the city, o maybe they are just giving maintenance to the theater. Photoengraving, aquatint and etching.

I do not know if it´s the muffled murmur of the jammed theater

Lavinia sings and abandons herself in each performance. Her fans always wear masks. Lavinia doesn´t ask herself why, she is too happy to question such a strange phenomena. Watercolor and ink on paper.

The World, a mere Stage

Lavinia´s act is advertised on posters throrough the city, the strange agents manage to always fill the theatre. Lavinia is happy of been seen and not ignored, like when she was a ghost. Watercolor on paper.

Basement Music

Lavinia settles in the theater, in the nights she dances to the rhythm of the weird men´s music. Soon she joins her voice, and the vaudeville show of Lavinia Borromeo is soon displayed on the marquee. Graphite on paper.

The Agents

Some strange looking men show up on the alley, playing weird music. Lavinia asks where they live, they say on the theatre. Lavinia´s footed trunk follows them. Monotype.

Just around the corner from the Theatre

Lavinia Borromeo is a former ghost that wishes to perform on a big stage. She carries her fragmented spirit in tenths of caged birds, only that way she can keep her physical form. She hates the abstract, she is a lover af all things sensual. Watercolor, ink and acrylic on paper.