Klodia Columbario

Scar Tissue

Klodia finally receives a patient, but being absent-minded because of her despair over the dying flower, she doesn´t realize that this man came very recently and, going against one of the first laws of emotiontomies, which says that a considerable amount of time must be put between two procedures, Klodia opens his chest only to realize that she has unwillingly provoked his death. Klodia weeps, knowing that this patient had come to die by her hands. Like the flower. Graphite on paper.

Night Windows, banquet for a one-eyed vouyerist

Klodia loves to watch the world from her fourth floor, she takes her telescope and peeks into the life of others. Maybe she can catch a glimpse of the moments in which their hearts are burdened, only to be released later by her and her wonderful scalpel. Tinta y acrílico sobre papel.

Shroud for two

Totally obssesed with the flower, Klodia has neglegted her patients. To the point it is hard to know who looks closer to death: Klodia or the flower. More and more people with burdened hearts stand in line outside her office, waiting for her to be able to wield her scalpel again. Graphite on paper.

Illusion lives not on alcohol

Klodia has tried everything to save the flower. But she has no heart to be emptied, she doesn´t speak, there is no communication the Heart-Emptier can use to help her. She is beyond all her knowledge. Utterly despaired, Klodia takes her to the nearest bar, hoping that her blood can be revived with some wine. Graphite and colored pencil on paper.

All of God´s Children have Umbrellas

Klodia waits for her turn to cross the street. On The Wrong Side of Town it´s always raining, so everyone must own an umbrella, even cats. Ink and watercolor on paper.

Sleeping and Abandoned Beauty

Klodia can´t help herself, she picks the flower from the pavement, and kisses it. It would have been trampled by all the indifferent feet. Graphite on paper.


One day, Klodia finds a dying flower on the street. Ink and watercolor on paper.


Klodia developed the emotion extraction technique to use it on her own heart. Unfortunatetly she can´t perform one of herself. So she uses her knowledge to ease other people. It´s a true surgery. With scalpels and all, Klodia knows where to cut, for she knows the human heart perfectly. Ink and watercolor on paper.

Leave your heart on the Fourth Floor

Klodia has her office on a fourth floor. There she welcomes her eager-to-get-rid-of-unsolved-emotions patients. Emotiontomies are in high demand.

Klodia Columbario

Klodia is much more that a good listener. She is an emotion extracter. Blind from an eye. Tricks from the trade. Charcoal and pastel on paper.

Embracing one´s Mortality

Klodia Columbario has no problems with Death. She is in peace knowing that one day the party will be over. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.