Strange Acquaintainces

Juan Peregrino

Juan Peregrino has the words to save us all, being a storyteller is a dangerous job and you have to be willing to risk everything. In this scene, Mr. Peregrino smokes a pipe he lit with the paper on which he wrote a discarded story. Etching, soft ground and drypoint engraving.

Roobois tea for a nostalgic pachiderm

Mab, the four-legged dancer, tries to cheer up her troupe companion, she encourages him to drink a tea that will lighten his soul. She has brewed it with love and the assistance of her rat assistant. Ink on paper.

The Equilibrium Company

Mab climbs her companion´s trunk to drink tea with his sister Cordelia. This is the climax of their show. The miracle of equilibrium in movement. Ink on paper.

Things that no longer exist

Mab and Cordelia share their bed with an alca, a dodo bird, a black rhinoceros and strange rodents that no longer walk on this world, vanquished by greed and ignorance. For them, they are the best companions, beings that can understand them. Graphite on canvas.

The honorable Dr. Dod O´Otho

Not even Dr. O´Otho with all his wisdom could help Cordelia with her leg-problem, or should we say, her no-legs problem. She takes it with philosophy. They may be worse things, she has confidants with whom she shares her woes. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

In the windowless city, people come out to watch

Mab and Cordelia complement each other very well: Cordelia´s horn music livens Mab like nothing and encourages her to dance, to leap on the irregular street and tap on her two pairs of red shoes. The five-legged elephant gives solemnity to the show. It´s not something you see everyday. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

Animal Locomotion

Cordelia dreams about all the kinds of legs she could have. She has even considered to have woman´s legs. Ink on paper.

The artistic tour and their Dodo manager

Mab and Cordelia are permanently on tour. They have no rest. It has to be that way until hey master the laws of locomotion. Ink on paper.

Legs Transfer

Mab tries to give Cordelia back what she inadvertently took while they were in the womb. Cordelia is not sure to take it of not. Graphite on canvas.

The submissive voice of crystals and nards, her feet, big countryside rats

Cordelia has a very special voice. She sings on the stage held by two elephants that carry her from one corner of the stage to the other. To keep the illusion of legs, a pair of rats move underneath her, each one inside a black high-heel. Ink on paper.

Rebirth of the extincts, members of the troupe

The Old Bird is an expert in recruiting new members for Mab and Cordelia´s company, from his egg more extinct are born, extincts that can only perform with Mab and Cordelia, because only them still believe in their existence. Ink on paper.

Desire bathtub

Cordelia´s bathtub contains more than water. There are repressed desires and others that are actively pursued. Ink on paper.


Mab has an elephant inside of her. It takes car of her and protects her because it is secretly in love with her. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

Bad bussiness

This bussinessmen want to convince our elephant to make a suicidal jump. In exchange of what? Mab has no idea but she hopes he doesn´t accept. Ink on paper.

Funeral for one leg

Cordelia, being a legless woman, has in high regard the appendixes of locomotion. That is why she feels it in her soul when someone loses one. A woman loses her leg in an accident and she puts together a memorial to the now separated appendix; a whole procession of people around the city follows the leg in its casket. Cordelia blows her horn: a painful tune of longing comes from it. Ink on paper.

Mab´s unleashed nightmare

[lang_es]Una de las pesadillas de Mab es que sus elefantes de adentro y afuera pierdan el control. Que ya no la amen.[ Tinta sobre papel./lang_es]One of Mab´s nightmares in that her inner and outer elephants lose control. That they don´t love her anymore. Ink on paper.

Every girls´s best friend

Once, Mab and Cordelia performed for the biggest playboy in the world. A man with a thousand girlfriends but with no relationship. Cordelia nearly fell for him. That would have been the end of the company. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

Foreign country

Once Cordelia and Mab traveled to a remote country hoping to leave behind their shadows and their tensions. They catched up with them on one lazy morning. Ink on paper.

Our bond

Neither of us shave our legs, we are like one. Cordelia and Mab. Ink on paper.

The Last Dodo migration

During one of the tours, Cordelia witnessed the flight of the dodos. The flew forever to a place where their meat and feathers would be appreciated. A place where they wouldn´t disturb anyone. Ink on paper.