Imperfect Spells

Absolut Fortune Zone

Come under this three, tie a wish on its branches, and it mat come true. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

Vision of the Blind Witch

The old crone doesn´t complaint, doesn´t whine, she doesn´t need her eyes. She can see through her amulet. And she watches much more than those who were born with the gift of sight. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

Sextuplets are Overdue

The old maid got pregnant in spite of her age. She will deliver sextuplets. She doesn´t know when. The moon eclipse frightens her and she ties a red ribbon around her belly to protect her unborn children. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

The Splintered Leg

The old man broke his leg. In several parts. The bone was splintered. His skeleton is brittle but he wanted to jump anyway. The amulets around his neck didn´t protect him. Now he sacrificed a butterfly so that he will heal quicker. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

Prophetess´s Death

The time has come for the prophetess. Her disciples chant and cast spells, trying in vain to stop her death. They tie blessings to her bedposts, pray in group and despair. She tries to tell them she goes in peace. And that nothing will stop her. Graphite on canvas.

Luck is a Leper

Saskia needs luck. She goes out to purchase a little. Luck is a leper that sometimes leaves her pieces scattered around, and she barely holds herself together inside her robes. She chops off the leg of a rabbit and makes an amulet for Saskia. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.

To catch a Man

The chubby witch sells a magical water made from soaking women´s used underwear. This is supposed to make the man of your dreams fall head over heels for you i he drinks it. Seems that the witch´s clients would benefit more from a makeover. The witch´s dog steals the underwear from some market. Women are being deceived. Graphite on canvas.

The little crack on the babilonian demon jar

The girl is a demon containing pottery maker. She writes a spell on them to keep the enclosed demons quiet inside the darkness of the vase.  But a misspelled letter is going to take its toll on her. Graphite on canvas.

Envy´s Nightmare

Envy, with her face greener than usual, hovers above a crowd holding amulets of protection against her. Powerless, she can´t find a place to land her universal vessel. Graphite and watercolor on canvas.