Anja and her four-legged umbrella

Through the Window i see Life Pass By

Anja is bored. She wants to go out but she doesn´t want to ask for permission to her father either. A permission that will surely be denied. So she decides to leave without saying. A little nervous but also exhilarated with the perspective of adventure, she opens the door and slids out quietly. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.


A sobbing and lost Anja listens with great attention to the secrets the sweet black dog pours in her ear. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.


Anja is reunited with her cold father, getting the hug she longed for. She has gotten herself a dog and recovered her umbrella. All in one. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.

My Father and Me

This is Anja, the gentleman on her side is her father. Anja is motherlesss. Her father lost his hand in war. He is a cold man. Anja is like a little onion: layers and layers of emotions envelope her heart. She longs to have a dog. Her father won´t let her. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.

Blacker Than Night

Anja falls asleep on the street. Right nexto to the dog´s warm body. She dreams she can keep it, and that she is allowed to take him home. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.


Anja tries to talk her umbrella turned into butterfly into coming back with her. She wants her to protect her from the rain, from the sun, that she becomes again her partner in her escapades through the city. Without her she won´t be able to do it anymore. On The Wrong Side of  Town, not having an umbrella is like being naked. But the butterly won´t listen. Why would she? Now she is free.  Watercolor and graphite on canvas.


Anja has lost her umbrella. Grief-stricken, she bursts in tears. But she also cries for her mom and dad. She feels very lonely. Then, a warm and damp tongue touches her nose. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.

Neighborhood of the Metamorphosed Butterflies

Anja follows the dog to the neighborhood his secret promised. Butterflies fly free, coming out from the gutters. Lost umbrellas in the sewers change into butterflies, having a secong chance. Anja looks for hers in the sea of multicolored wings. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.

Healing War Wounds

When she wakes up in the morning, lying in the hard streets she discovered more than a dog by ther side. She manages to find her way home and finds her dad, bent with sorrow because of her absence. Anja takes his hand in hers and whispers in his ear: “Dad, i´ve brought a dog”. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.

Don´t go away!

Anja  strides happily though the wet streets when a treacherous gust rips he umbrella off her hands. The girl loses sight on it and then spots it, the sleek and elegant object gliding on water, heading for the drain. Anja makes a run for it but it´s useless. The umbrella dissapears into the depths of the sewage system of  The Wrong Side of  Town. Watercolor and graphite on canvas.